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This page is dedicated to all of the friends of the Hal's Mobil Angel's  football organization. We just want to make sure that we represent for them. So please make our friends your friends and give them your support.

As of this past years Super Bowl the Angels decided to adopt Coor's Light as their official team beer. John Perez of Topsy's really went out of his way to make sure that our Super Bowl party was a success and indeed it was. After having such a good time at our party John decided that he wanted to take it to the next level and be our official beer sponsor for the upcoming 2002 Guam Football League season. He offered to take care of all our beer needs for the after game bar-b-q's as well as the end of the year banquet.  And with no hesitation the Angel's said "HELL YEAH!"

In addition to having an official beer sponsor the Angel's also have an official team band and team night.  The badass band named CORE specializing in kickass, bang your head, get hyped type of music plays every Thursday nights at Casa Nami. They start jamming at 10pm and end around 1am. Every Thursday night after practice you'll be able to find several Angel's at Casa Nami throwing down bottle after bottle of Coor's Light and bobbing their heads to CORE.

Check out some of the pics below and expect a lot more to follow!







  From left to right: Bill Ada, John Perez, Jared Ada, Sean McCoy, and Chuck Ada.







That's Chris on the mic Jamming with the rest of CORE on a slammin Thursday night!

More pics of CORE


Casa Nami

Click on the Angel sticker for more pics.

Bill, Conrad (Co-Owner Casa Nami), and Santino (member of Renaissance band) enjoying a Coor's Light at Casa Nami.