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In Celebration of the Angels 2001 MFL Title (the teams fifth in 8 years) the team decided to have a "Jersey Night." Jersey Night consisted of almost the entire team going out for a night on the town wearing their black jersey's. The night started with a boom and ended with a "ralph". The boys started at Marty's, then went to Casa, Bully's, and...... Shoot I forgot where we went after that......I think it was Club Chameleon. Anyway, below is a bunch of pictures that pretty much sums the night up. Don't think we have pictures of every place we went to due to the excessive amounts of alcohol that was consumed. Enjoy!






Keone, Jared, and Sean drinking it up at Bully's.

 ossie.jpg (37984 bytes)

Ossie with his cousin Marie

 bruce_sean.jpg (62191 bytes)

  walt_cowboy.jpg (41088 bytes)

Kono always playin around 

Pictures of the team at Marty's Priming up for a long night.

 gangsters.jpg (47328 bytes)

Kenny and Bill at Bully's showing everyone what place we finished.

 5 Time Champs!

The Ada brothers posing for the camera at Casa's.

 kenny1.jpg (45056 bytes)

Kenny working    it....dropping the lines

   cowboy_dirty.jpg (43904 bytes) 

Hey Cowboy...Not Again!!

Walt, Kono, Cowboy, Coach Carl, and Chuck after 1 to many.